Increasing Self-Awareness for Development

MRG Suite of Assessments

Management Resource Group has gained recognition for its extensive research and a diverse range of assessment tools. These tools provide valuable insights into current performance and pinpoint opportunities for enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of leadership or sales teams.

iPEC – Energy Leadership Index

The Energy Leadership Index is an insightful assessment that measures one’s attitude and provides insight to how perceptions, experiences and one’s belief system impacts their view of the world. This can have an inspiring impact to launch a client on their transformation journey of personal growth that will lead to professional development like they have never experienced before.

Assessment benefits

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Learn individual’s strengths, opportunities, and areas for development.

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Develop areas that will have the greatest impact on performance and growth.

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Measure progress and the effectiveness of development efforts over time.

Assessment Testimonials

Sarah provided the Energy Leadership Index Assessment, which proved to be a new way to look at what serves as sources, or detractors, of energy in my day-to-day work.
Director of Engineering
Sarah guided me through a process of self-discovery and introspection. I gained a clearer understanding of my strengths, areas for growth and the steps to achieve my objectives.
Territory Sales Trainer